Information about lions on their behaviour!

Have you ever thought how lions communicate to each other? Do you know that they have their own sign language in order to convey a message or express an emotion?

  • Lions’ behaviour includes a variety of sounds, such as the roars, moans, meow and woofs. The different level, intensity or tone of these sounds has a distinct meaning too. Lions’s roar can be heard even from 8 kilometers away!! Can you believe that!?
  • One way of communicating to each other is through smelling. A lion will urine in a place in order to show that this territory belongs to it. This reminds us a bit of what male dogs are usually doing.
  • It is an interesting fact that lions have a particular way of saying hello to each other. They two lions come close, moan, pass their tongues over their lips and rub first their heads and afterwards their bodies. Another reason for behaving like this is in case of being apart for a long time or after a fight when they are in reconciling.
  • Licking is also important as it gives pleasure to them. Think that lions cannot lick themselves in the neck and head so when another lion does so it is really amusing.

In Wanimalinia we are interested in collecting information about wild animals as we create stories for children. Our purpose is to inform in order to make people aware of the environmental issues in the wild life.

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